Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my sister copies everything I do!"

Dear Carol, 

My sister is only 10 and she copies me in every way possible. She likes to wear skirts and cropped sweaters just like me (and my mom bought us matching clothes!). She even puts on my makeup. When I was her age, my parents would never let me watch certain movies, but guess what, she can. Please help me because it is sooo annoying.

-My Sister Copies Me 

Dear My Sister Copies Me,

Before you know it, your sister’s world will expand and she’ll draw inspiration from her friends. For now, you’re her role model. I get that you don’t want to be twinsies, however, so before your next shopping trip, pull your mom aside and, say, “Mom, I know we sometimes used to dress the same, but I’m older now and I don’t want us to be so matchy-matchy.” Your mom might wipe away a tear, but she’ll see your point. As for younger kids getting privileges that older kids had to fight hard for, yep, this is a common complaint. But the grass is always greener— many older kids bask in more parental attention than younger kids. And you know what? You have a sister who really looks up to you. Even though all of her copycat-ness might be driving you a tad bananas, by giving her a little extra love now (and sweetly encouraging her when she eventually finds her own style), she’ll continue to admire and adore her one and only big sis.

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by GL | 10/29/2020