Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I get to know my crush during a pandemic?"

Dear Carol, 

Maybe I should have figured this out by now, but how are you supposed to get to know people during virtual learning if we have no way of socializing during class? How do I ask for my crush’s number during the pandemic?

-Covid Crush 

Dear Covid Crush, 

I wish I had the ideal answer for you! Can you ask around to see if a friend has the number? You can also follow your crush on Instagram and send a DM or chat with them in Google Docs. But yeah, it’s not easy, and obviously it’s better when you can pick up someone’s vibe in person and see if there are sparks. For years, I’ve advised girls to say hi or pay compliments or ask friendly questions. Now, until a vaccine saves the day, flirting is harder. In a Zoom, you can say, “I like what Ethan said about climate change, and I also think…” If your school offers virtual meet-ups, sign on. Or bundle up, grab your mask and meet outdoors. If your class is small and your BFF likes this plan, you can announce, “Some of us are going to meet at the gazebo in the park this Sunday at noon. Join us if you can.” I hope your crush does.

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by GL | 12/1/2020