Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, do I miss him or do I just miss flirting?"

Dear Carol, 

I started talking to this nice guy in my class. He asked me out. Of course, I said yes! But then our school had an outbreak and closed. We kept dating for two months, but it was really hard doing the long-distance thing. He said he loved me, but I ended up saying I valued our friendship more, and he asked if we were done. I said I guess so, because it was so hard not seeing him. I don’t think I liked him as much as he liked me, but I do miss him. He was my BGF. We’ve had three short convos in the last month (on his birthday and when he won an award), and I want us to talk and flirt again but without leading him on.

-I Miss Flirting 

Dear I Miss Flirting, 

COVID has been hard on Cupid. In normal times, you two might have had more fun going out…but in pandemic times, your romance fizzled sooner than it might have. Look, it’s fair that you didn’t like him as much as he liked you (and I can also see why you miss texting and flirting). But since you’re the one who called it quits, unless you’re losing sleep because this was a colossal mistake (pssst, it wasn’t, you just miss flirting), I think you owe it to him not to lead him on, as you yourself said. So no late-night “Thinking of you” texts, OK? Stay friends and think about who else to start texting. You both have many more relationships in your futures.

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by GL | 12/17/2020