Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I get over a guy who rejected me?"

Dear Carol, 

My crush situation is ridiculous. I liked a guy and I asked him out. He said no, but was nice about it, so I didn’t feel that rejected. Still, things got kinda awkward. Then they got normal again. Then they got awkward again. Then the pandemic happened and none of us could even hang out in the same way. The boy I like never texts me first, and I have to do all the work. He’s also into another girl, and I’m pretty sure they are secretly dating. Mostly, I like him so much, I just want him to be happy. But I still can’t get over him, and even my BFFs can’t get me out of it. Help! I bet he thinks that I’m annoying and doesn’t want to talk to me. How do you get over a guy? And how does he feel about me?

-Does He Still Like Me? 

Dear Does He Still Like Me, 

I’m sorry you feel so tangled up. You ask how he feels about you and the answer is clear: He likes you but, alas, doesn’t like-like you. Evidence: You asked point-blank and he answered; you initiate texts, but he doesn’t. No tragedy, but you’ve spent enough time going down this path. So be strong, move on and don’t text him over vacation. Really. Don’t. Do not. Instead, notice and smile at other available guys. And let your brain stretch as you make soup or bake muffins or sketch your family or take nature photographs. Can you become a champion at chess or Codenames? Watch some documentaries? Read a not-for-school novel? Write a poem or story? It’s time to change the channel in your brain—and you’re in charge of the remote.

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by GL | 12/28/2020