Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my dad won't let me follow my Hollywood dreams!"

Dear Carol, 

My dream is to go to Hollywood, but how can I if I’m not allowed to audition for something that’s just a few hours away? My dad won’t let me, and I want to be able to pursue my goal. I have a bad habit of lashing out when people stop me from doing something. Now he’s mad at me.

-Hollywood Dream

Dear Hollywood Dream, Even before COVID, most parents didn’t eagerly upend their schedules for a daughter’s dream. So try to be realistic. Some parents are aware too that child actors often miss out on a healthy, happy childhood. As for lashing out, it’s time to make better habits. When you lash out, no one feels good, right? Not you, not your dad. He may even lash back. Consider leaving your dad a note that says, “Dad, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled. I know this is a hard time for both of us.” To develop your acting chops, keep watching quality movies and TV and hone your skills in theater classes at a local company (or via those conducted by directors or agents or actors over Zoom) so you can build connections and set yourself up for success.

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by GL | 3/25/2021