Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm worried I have social anxiety..."

Dear Carol,

I'm constantly worried and anxious at school over things I know I shouldn't be worried about, like if people are watching me. I think I have social anxiety but don't want to self—diagnose. What can I do to stop this? 

-Is This Social Anxiety? 

Dear Is This Social Anxiety? 

Everyone feels anxious now and again. It's a normal part of growing up, and it doesn't help that right now we're all going through extra stressful times because of the pandemic. So give yourself a break ad work on better self-talk. Instead of "What's wrong with me?", say a silent "Yay me!" every time you speak up in class or engage in a friendly conversation. As for whether people are watching you, maybe a little, but no more than you're watching them. And maybe they're looking your way because you're smart and funny and interesting. True social anxiety is debilitating, but a little nervousness in your teen years is as common as a cloud. Going forward, if you find youself worrying unduly about others' opinions, talk to a counselor. Good for you for not self-diagnosing. But my bet? No need to fret. (A rhyme!) 

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by GL | 3/22/2021