Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my boyfriend is getting really distant"

Dear Carol, 

My boyfriend has been really busy. I haven't seen him in a month but we FaceTime and text all the time. The other day he said he likes me a lot, (I feel the same way about him) but that he wants to take a break. He also asked me to hang out but said he wasn't ready to be in public together yet because it's only been two months. Do you have any advice on what I should do because I am trying to be patient with our relationship and I really don't want to rush things? 


Dear Patient?, 

Sometimes patience is smart. And sometimes it's just not worth it. I don't think you should put things on hold for this guy. Why be patient when he's being tentative and wishy—washy? Don't think of it as giving up, but as setting each other free, OK? If he doesn't want to go out in public with you, and you're not seeing each other in private either and he's treating your anniversary as just another day, then why oh why be patient? If I were you, I'd be impatient and gently pull the plug on this romance, He may be your first BF, but won't be your last. 

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by GL | 3/30/2021