Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friends make me feel like a third wheel!"

Dear Carol, 

I have two friends and we’ve always been a trio. Recently I’ve been feeling like a third wheel. They’re always whispering and they have inside jokes—and I see them hanging out without me on their Stories. But when I try to hang out with other people, they get really rude and say I shouldn’t. Should I try talking to them or just make completely new friends?

-Third Wheel

Dear Third Wheel, 

Ouch, and the answer is something in between. It’s always good to make new friends, so strive to keep meeting kids in different classes, programs and extracurriculars. These two friends don’t get to be both exclusive and possessive. They aren’t always available, so how dare they discourage you from hanging with others? Annoying and unfair. Fortunately, many girls are more open-minded than these two. So try not to think of yourself as a third wheel. You’re balancing on your very own unicycle and will soon be free to pedal wherever you like in this big world.

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by GL | 4/17/2021