Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my younger sister has been getting on my nerves!"

Dear Carol, 

My sister is 9 and I’m 15. She copies me nonstop, and it gets annoying. It’s nice she looks up to me, but…ugh.

-Sister Trouble 

Dear Sister Trouble, 

Dear Sister Trouble, You’re much older than she is, so I’m wondering if you can try to be more magnanimous. Neither of you has had an easy-peasy 12 months, right? Your little sister idolizes you. Can you blame her? When you’re both adults, you may treasure having a sister who loves you and can reminisce with you about everything. So give her a break and dump some love on her head. Tell her what you appreciate or admire about her. Show her how to bake cookies. Make TikToks. Help her find her own style. And let her know too that sometimes you need to be alone or alone with friends. She’ll grow out of this copy-cat stage. The goal is for you two to stay close forever. Why erode a family bond just because she’s acting her age?

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by GL | 4/29/2021