Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm in a fight with my best friend"

Dear Carol,

My best friend and I are in a really big fight—and we *never* fight, ever. She has been ignoring me and being kind of rude. I hate being in this fight! What should I do?

- Fix My Friendship

Dear Fix My Friendship,

That's hard. The best way to end a fight is to apologize—even when you don't feel like it. Try, "I'm sorry we're fighting. I love our friendship and wish we could make up." Sprinkle in a sweet emoji or a cute pic of you two. While you both will keep making room for new friends, since you're besties, try to make peace and get to a better place. Next time she's rude, try not to get angry. Instead of, "You're being a jerk and I don't know why I ever liked you," take a deep breath and say, "C'mon, let's stop fighting," or "I miss us." It can feel good to take the high road.

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by GL | 6/16/2022