Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, it's been hard to make memories because of the pandemic"

Dear Carol,

It's been so hard to live life the way I imagined it because of the pandemic. I've always been one to make new friends, but for the last couple years, I haven't. I thought the end of high school would be different. I wanted to socialize, go on late-night drives and make epic memories, but so much of school was from behind a screen, and I don't think I made the memories I wanted. 

- Lasting Memories

Dear Lasting Memories, 

This pandemic has cast a long shadow. It stinks and it's not fair. It probably helps to know that you're hardly alone with this lament. We may finally be in a better stage, and most people who are vaccinated can live with freedom and confidence. Summer is an ideal time to make great new memories, so while you may have gotten rusty at reaching out, go ahead and text someone, "Want to meet up for ice cream sometime?" Congratulations on graduating, and please remind yourself that the end of high school marks the beginning of the rest of your life. Oh, and here's a secret: Many adults have high school memories that are awkward or painful. Your life will have lots of best years.

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by GL | 6/13/2022