Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, Why is my crush avoiding me?"

Dear Carol,

I need some answers. My crush randomly started avoiding me. We used to text a lot, then he suddenly started avoiding me IRL. We didn't get into a fight or anything. What's that about?

- My Crush Is Avoiding Me

Dear My Crush Is Avoiding Me,

Hard to know. You can text and ask, "Hey, it seems like we've been talking less, is everything OK?" (Resist the urge to add a broken heart or weepy emoji.) With luck, he'll offer an explanation of some sort. But many guys don't have concrete answers—and people's feelings can and do change. You've probably had a crush or two that eventually evaporated, right? Some people also feel self-conscious about liking someone in public because their friends start weighing in. This guy may come around and may even let you know that he's had a lot on his mind. (Troubles at home? Pressures at school?) But if he continues to ignore you, he's not worth much more of your time. I am sure, too, that someone else would love to know you better. If this particular romance has run its course, that's not a failure or a problem that needs solving—it's just a short chapter in the exciting book of your life. Onward, OK? 

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by GL | 11/18/2022