Dear Carol

"Ugh, I'm so tired of being the short friend!"


Dear Carol,
I hate being short! At Six Flags, I can only go on the kiddie rides. Sometimes people who don't know me ask, "How old are you? Nine?" My friends are all tall, and I wish I would have a growth spurt!

Dear Shrimp,
You will. But for now there is nothing you can do about your height but accept it. Keep eating healthful foods and getting enough sleep, and before you know it, your favorite jeans will be flood pants. Of course, you may always be on the petite side, and that wouldn't be so terrible.
I'm short and the only drawback is at the movies I have to be careful never to sit behind ladies with big hair. Plusses? Since I don't look intimidating, nice people, short and tall, guys and girls, tend to feel comfortable around me right away. Yes, I could wear heels all day—just as tall girls could slump—but why invite backaches when it's easier to be who you are?

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by Carol Weston | 2/28/2018
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