How to get what you want--without begging

It’s always tough to get your ‘rents to see your point of view, especially when you’re asking for something radical or expensive. Before you start reverting to temper tantrums, try using logic to show your parents how important certain things are to your life and activities. Here are no-fail reasons that are sure to convince your parents to get you what a girl needs.

Help ‘Em See the Light
You’ve had glasses for years, but now you’re just dyin’ to get contacts. Luckily for you, contacts rule for several reasons. First, they’re more convenient because once you put them in in the morning, you don’t have to worry about misplacing them. They’re also safer for driving and sports because they give you better peripheral vision. Plus, they don’t need constant cleaning, and they won’t get blurry if it’s rainy, snowy or misty. ‘Rents still aren’t convinced? See if they’ll let you try out some disposable contacts for a few days. If you can prove that you’re responsible enough to handle ‘em, Mom and Dad just might change their minds.

Hello, Technology
Seems like all your buds have Facebook pages, and you feel like you’re missin’ out on the fun. To persuade your parents to let you get one, lay out the facts for them. First, having a Facebook page would help you stay connected to your friends. That means when you have homework questions, you can ask a bunch of your pals at the same time, instead of hogging the phone and calling several houses ‘til you find a study buddy who’s home. Also, you can keep in touch with your BFFs if they move away or change schools. Mom and Dad still worryin’ that the Internet isn’t safe? Show them the privacy settings that Facebook has. Maybe you can make a deal about how much info you’ll share on your page and who you’ll accept as your friends to reassure your ‘rents.

All Dolled Up
You would love to start wearing makeup, but Mom is totally against it. Ask her if you can start slow, with just some concealer and mascara. Explain to her that you’re self-conscious about your zits, and this’ll help you hold your head high when you step out of the house. You might have to pay for the products yourself, but as long as you’ve gotten the OK, it’s better than nothing, right?

Not Your Average Walkie-Talkie
It’s summer, and it is just so hard to keep up with your buds! Between the pool and vacation, you’re never at home, so there’s only one solution: a cell phone. To convince your parents that you need to be connected, throw ‘em a safety line. Tell them that if you have a cell, they can check up on you anytime and anywhere. Mention that they also won’t have to worry about you tying up the home phone line in the evenings when you’re desperately trying to keep in touch with your BFFs.

Night Owl
Parties are going later, you and friends like to stay up chatting and you’re just not a little kid anymore. So you’ve decided that it’s time for a later curfew. Ask your ‘rents if they would be willing to push back bedtime, as long as you promise to keep them in the know about where you are at all times. And if they’re not up for coming to get you at friends’ houses so late, see if they would mind if your friends’ parents drive you home. As long as you’re getting enough sleep and not getting into trouble, what’s there to worry about, right?

So, what are some tactics you’ve used when you and your ‘rents don’t see eye-to-eye?


by Carrie Ruppert | 3/18/2019