So your parents are super controlling? Here's how to deal

We know that parents can be unfair sometimes. Don’t worry, babes, we’ve got the 4-1-1 on how to show your parents that you’re mature enough to get what you want. Check it out...

Your parents want you to become exactly what they are

So your dad wants to you be a lawyer and your mom wants you to be a nurse. But, hey, you want to be an actress. Are they constantly pressuring you to be a cookie-cutter version of themselves? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Try having a conversation telling them your dreams and hopes for the future. Your parents may still look at you as a little girl. They might not realize that you’re allowed to have your own goals. They might not like every decision you make, but that’s OK. Once they see what you can accomplish, they’ll be nothing but happy.

All your gal pals are having a sleepover, but you’re not allowed

Controlling parents might not have a problem with you hangin’ out with your girlies, but they certainly won’t let you sleepover. We know that this can cause you to feel left out, and not to mention it’s embarrassing! Let them know this is how you’re feeling. When asking to sleep at a friend’s house, make sure to stay calm. Responding to them in an irrational way will show that you are immature. This will definitely get ya stuck in the house. Offer up your friend’s house number, so they can reach you if they need to. Even offer to call every once in a while to let them know you’re A-OK and having a great time. This will show that you’re not trying to hide anything, which is probably what your parents are worried about in the first place.

Your parents think you’re too young to go on a date

The first question to ask yourself is if YOU think you’re old enough to date. Remember that dating comes with a lot of responsibility and emotions. But hey, if you’re ready to dive in, then you’ve got some convincing to do. Be sure to show your parents that you are a mature teen. This means showing them that you can handle the pressures that come along with dating. Try having a conversation with them telling them what you will and will not do. If they believe that you will respect yourself on a date, they’ll most likely let you go. If they do say yes, don’t fight with them on the boundaries they make. They may set a curfew, or tell you to call and check in, but just go along with it. Remember, you’re lucky they said yes!

They won’t let you watch a T.V. show or movie because it’s too mature

The first thing to ask yourself is why they won’t let you see the movie or watch the show. Maybe the rating is too high, or there’s inappropriate content. In this case, your parents may be right. But sometimes, parents don’t know enough info on the movie or show before they make their decision as to whether or not you can watch. So do yourself a favor, and do a little research on it. Find out why it’s rated what it is, and read some parent reviews. If they seem OK for your age, then discuss it with your parents. You could even offer up the idea to let them watch it first. This will show that you care about what they think, which is definitely a plus.

What’s one thing your parents won’t let ya do that drives you nuts? Tell us in the comments!

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by Katie Takacs | 2/1/2016
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