Sick of fighting? Bust that sibling rivalry


You and your sibling not getting along? It's completely normal for two sibs to butt heads, but it certainly isn't fun. Whether you're feeling distant, annoyed or left out, here is an easy guide on how to turn your relationship around, whether it's with your older sis or lil bro.

Make an effort

The first step you should take in bonding with your sibling is getting to know them better. If you don't have a clear grasp on their fave things to do, who their friends are and what they're into, it can be hard to get along. Pay attention to things like what game they're always playing, the food that's constantly on their plates and what they're non-stop talking about (sports, fashion, celebs, etc.). Once you get an idea of these things, try to incorporate them into some conversations and find time to hang out together. If they're all about art, ask them who their fave artist is or invite them to go paint some pottery with you. If you have a brother who loves cars, ask him to explain all about them and see if he wants to go go-karting together. Trying something they like will get them more excited and interested, making them more open to bonding.

Lend a hand

If you want to get on your sib's good side, try helping them out. If you see them struggling with a homework problem or carrying something up the steps, offer some assistance. They'll appreciate you doing something super nice for them, and if you make it a habit, it could really improve their view of you from annoying sib to awesome friend. A couple grander gestures will score you some major brownie points too, like cleaning their room for them or offering to do all their chores for the week when you see they're extra stressed. You'll definitely get on their good side—and who knows, they might even start helping you, too.

Keep your cool

Make an effort not to fight or get angry with your sibling. At first, this may seem impossible. They just do so many things that tick you off! But, try not to make any wars as it will only hinder any progression you have been making. Yelling at, patronizing, making fun of and insulting them are all major no-no's. If they mess up, don't explode onto them. If it was something minor that doesn't need mentioning, just look the other way. If you see something they could've done better, kindly explain to them ways they could improve in a manner of being a good bud and not an obnoxious sis. Bite your tongue before starting a battle.

Chat it up

If you and your sibling both have cell phones, send them some friendly texts throughout the day. Check in on them, ask if they need anything, or just share the cool info you heard about the latest celeb. Increasing your communication will keep you guys informed on each other and open the pathway to some awesome conversations. Frequent convos will improve your relationship more than you could ever imagine.

Getting close with your sibling won't come right away, but with some time and work it can definitely happen. You must make the first couple of moves though, but they should start reciprocating your efforts after a little while. By you extending an olive branch, it'll let them know you're ready to make some changes and work towards a tighter friendship.


by Alyson Katz | 3/18/2016