8 reasons your sibling is actually your BFF


You and your siblings may not always be two peas in a pod, but you know they're always there for you—no matter what. In honor of National Sibling Day (April 10), we're rounding up all of the super funny—but so true—reasons that your sibs are actually your soul mates (even if they steal your clothes and drive you totally crazy sometimes).

1. You never criticize each other's outfits.And if you do, it's to save ya from wearing something that would be detrimental to your style status. No matter what you decide to wear these days, it can’t be worse than what your parents dressed you in as a baby. 

2. You can get over little tiffs quickly. You both know you’re stuck together for a lifetime and you can’t imagine being mad at them for a day, much less a week.

3. You can stay in over the weekend and have movie marathons without feeling bored. Odds are, your sib has similar movie tastes. You can LOL at a ridic comedy, shed some tears during a drama and sing along to your fave Disney flick.

4. They’re not afraid to drop truth bombs. Your bro or sis is probably the only person who can tell you how it is, because you know they're looking out for you and mean well. When you give your opinion, they know you’ll take their advice—no matter how harsh it may come across. 

5. They tell you jokes that make you laugh. Sometimes you just get the silliest jokes that wouldn't make sense to anyone else. What’s a sib for if you can’t laugh together through boring family stuff?

6. They’re good at keeping secrets. You can always count on them, because if they do tell...well, let's just say that you have some pics of them they wouldn't want on FB.

7. They are your go-to partner for ultimate junk-food nights. You’re not ashamed to let loose, put on your sweats and pig out hardcore on some seriously bad-for-ya stuff.

8. They’ll always have your back, no matter what. Siblings are the best, because when it comes to you, their protective side comes out. No one—and I mean no one—will mess with you and get away with it. If Mom and Dad are hassling you, or your friend is being lame...whatever the issue, they’ll always be there for ya.

....After all, what are siblings for?

Do you get along with your sibling? What is the one thing you totally love about ‘em? Share in the comments below!


by Anna-Maria Hand | 2/1/2016
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