10 signs your mom is your best friend

Sure, your mom might get on your nerves now and then, but deep down you know she'll always be there for you. Check out the top ten signs your mom is actually your BFF!  

1. She’ll be honest and let you know when the outfit you’re wearing is just not good.


2. She’s always down to go on a shopping spree with you (Starbucks and new clothes all dayyyy)!


3. If something terrible happens at school, she's always there with a kind word...and a tasty snack.


4. When you go on vacay with your friend's fam, you feel weird not talking to her on the daily.


5. When Mother Nature calls, she just gets it...and even lets you skip school sometimes.


 6. When nothing in your closet looks good enough, you can always head to hers for vintage or classic pieces.


7. Sometimes, you even end up dressing like #Twinsies.


8. Broken heart? Failed test? You know you've got a shoulder to cry on.


9. She also loves TSwiz, even if she pretends to roll her eyes at "Look What You Made Me Do."


10. You know that if you grow up to be half the lady she is, you’ll be doing great.

Love you, Mom!

Is your mom your BFF? Let us know below!  


by Alexa Matthews | 12/30/2017
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