Joyous Kwanzaa! 7 ways to celebrate the seven principles


Heri za Kwanzaa, GL Girls! For those of you that don't know, that means "Happy Kwanzaa!", the traditional greeting for the celebration happening from Dec. 26-Jan. 1. Kwanzaa is all about recognizing the importance of family, community and culture, particularly in the African-American tradition. 

To celebrate, we've got seven ways to make the most of the Nguzo Saba (or Seven Principles) recognized during Kwanzaa. 

1. Umoja (Unity): If you've had any…problems with friends of family members in 2015 (yep, we're talking about that big blowout with your cousin you two are still side-eying over), now's the time to make it right. Go into 2016 with a sense of unity with *everyone* in your community. 

2. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): Time to make those resolutions, girl! Think about how you want to improve yourself in 2016 (more confidence? better grades?), then make a plan for turning those goals into a reality. 

3. Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): Use your winter break to really help out, whether assisting your mom with the cleaning or heading over to a neighbor's to shovel snow. 

4. Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): Make it a point to support local businesses instead of big-name corporate companies. And if you're feeling *really* creative, set up your own Etsy shop and publicize it to the people in your community. 

5: Nia (Purpose): Building and developing the community is key, so find out a way you can volunteer to help work toward the common good. Could you mentor a local elementary schooler or play piano for the elderly? Give it a try. 

6. Kuumba (Creativity): This is all about making your community more beautiful—so do you, girl! If you're an artist, offer to paint a mural downtown. Love to sing? Join a local choir. Your talent is important to making the world a better place! 

7. Imani (Faith): Believe in yourself and everyone in your community—friends, family, neighbors, your Church and more. Not sure how to demonstrate that belief? All you have to do is tell someone you believe in them, whether they're writing a college application essay or trying out for a part in the spring musical. 

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How do you celebrate Kwanzaa? Let us know below!

by GL | 2/1/2016
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