How to spend Mother's Day when you don't have a mom


Losing a mother is never an easy thing to go through, but Mother’s Day can be especially hard. When all the stores and everyone around you seem involved in gift planning and baking desserts, it can seem like they’re all just rubbing it in your face. It’s more than likely not a day you’re especially excited about celebrating...but there are ways to make it a little less awful.

1. Volunteer.
Helping someone else will help you to not focus on what might otherwise be a sad day, and it’ll make you feel good. Plus, your mom would be proud.

2. Do an activity that makes you happy.
Whether you enjoy getting to hang outside or play mini-golf with your friends, doing something that you enjoy and don’t get to do often will help give you peace and help you feel better during a rough time. Having fun doesn’t mean you’re ignoring your loss—just that you know to cherish and take advantage of the life you have right now.

3. Do something nice for another mom.
Whether it’s your BFF's mom, your grandma, your teacher or just someone you look up to, showing that you care and want to give them a special gift on Mother’s Day with flowers or chocolate or a nice card will help them feel appreciated and loved. Just because it’s not your own mom, doesn’t mean you don’t get to include someone else in the day too! 

4. Celebrate in memory of your mom and all of your good times together.
Get together old photo albums and momentos and enjoy some time with your family relishing in good memories and how special your mom made your lives.

If nothing else, just enjoy the day with your loved ones and cherish the time you get to spend with them. You know how hard it can be to lose someone, and that will make the time you do get to spend with the people you love all the more special.

How do you spend Mother’s Day? How do you make what might be a hard day a little bit better? Share with us in the comments below.


by Alexa Matthews | 5/4/2016