9 things every girl with brothers will totally get


Growing up with brothers is *not* easy. One day, you’re swapping inside jokes and getting along like real BFFs. The next, you’re wondering how it’s possible that you guys are even related. Whether you have one bro or a house full of testosterone, there are certain experiences that almost always hold true. Here are nine things every girl with a brother can totally relate to.

1. Their deodorant only kind of works.
Yes, they put it on. No, that won’t stop their pits from leaving perma-stink in all of their tees.

2. Calling “dibs” on the shower is a must.
Otherwise, you’ll have to wait an hour AND soak in his leftover dude suds.

3. They make fun of you when you’re single…
“Haha! Nobody wants to go out with you!” they say. Sigh.

4. …but can’t stand it when you’re dating. 
Suddenly, “Nobody wants to go out with you!” becomes “Nobody should be going out with you!” And they're definitely going to embarrass you.

5. They pay too much attention to some changes…
No one knows how to make you lose confidence in your rockin’ red lipstick better than your bro.

6. …but are oblivious to others. 
You could dye your hair or donate it to Locks of Love, and he’d tell you your new ‘do doesn’t look any different.

7. “Food fight” takes on a whole new meaning.
A box of Lucky Charms doesn’t have 12 servings. It has one. And it’s his.

8. So does “potty mouth”.
Expect to hear every gritty detail (and, if you’re really lucky, see a few Snaps) each time he makes a trip to the bathroom.

9. However, your period is off-limits.
Want to make him squirm? Talk tampons at the dinner table.

What’s it like to live with your bros? Spill what  you love (and what you hate) below!

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by Megan Sawey | 4/2/2018
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