25 things you *have* to try with your family this summer


Say goodbye to long and boring summer days. With a few more weeks left, there’s still time left to have a summer that you wont forget. Here are 25 things to get you and your family moving this summer!

1. Go on a picnic. 

2. Visit a museum/aquarium. 

3. Have a backyard movie night.

4. Take a trip to a drive in theater. 

5. Build a backyard slip and slide.

6. Plan a beach day. 

7. Play messy Twister.

8. Make a fort.

9. Have a family bake off. 

10. Play mini golf.

11. Finger paint.

12. Go zip-lining.

13. Take a road trip.

14. Have a hiking adventure.

15. Catch fireflies.

16. Make ice cream.

17. Go glow in the dark bowling.

18. See a musical/play at the theater.

19. Spend a night camping.

20. Have a Disney movie marathon.

21. Go to an amusement park.

22. Watch fireworks.

23. Try kayaking.

24. Make your own scavenger hunt.

25. Start a memory box.

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What’s on your family’s bucket list?

by Chloe Jones | 7/21/2016
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