Summer making you bored? Spend some time with mom!


Summer is a great time to relax and spend time out adventuring with friends. But after a while things start slowing down. Your friends are on vacation and you've done everything on your bucket list. What else is there to do? Hang out with your mom of course! School is starting soon and you'll be seeing less of her with your busy schedules, so spend a special day having fun with her! We made a cool list of things to do that you'll both enjoy.

1. Stop at a creamery for ice cream.

We're not talking Dairy Queen or McDonald's. Let your mom know she's super special by recommending an ice cream parlor, diner or creamery where you can both relax and talk about life. Enjoying something sweet together will put a smile on both of your faces, and it will finally allow you to have time to yourselves to talk about personal things like your crush or even how you're feeling about starting school.

2. Go see a movie together.

Sometimes, talking doesn't have to be involved when hanging out with your mom. Bring her to a movie so you can get her away from the hustle and bustle of tasks and errands. Relax in the air conditioning with a ton of snacks you both love. Afterwards, head to a cafe and talk about your favorite parts of the movie. 

3. Have a mani-pedi day!

Nothing is more satisfying than getting a mani-pedi. Bring your mom along to help each other pick a nail color, and laugh at ticklish foot massages. If you don't have time to head to the spa, give each other mani's and pedi's at home. Your mom will love it!

4. Go to a yoga class.

Has your mom been a little grumpy lately? Take her to a yoga class where you can both unwind and let yourselves breathe. Maybe you'll fall in love with the class and continue going every week together. Then it can be a hobby that you'll have together even when school starts again.

5. Go bowling.

If you both get serious when it comes to winning, challenge your mom to a few rounds of some competitive bowling. It's a great way to release some stress even if it's between the two of you (you know school is driving you both crazy.) Not into bowling? Try laser-tag or mini golf instead.

6. Hit the water.

Live close enough to the ocean? Take a day to dive into the cool water and sun-bathe. Bring along a picnic for an added bonus. Don't live near the beach? Take it to a pool or water park. Don't forget to bring a frisbee to toss around!

7. Visit a farmer's market.

For some reason every mom gets super excited about visiting a farmer's market. Adventure together by eating fresh peaches and picking out your favorite foods. When you get home make sure to whip up something delicious with everything you got at the market! Lemon blueberry scones anyone?

What do you think GL Girls? Will you take your mom out for a fun day this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

by Viviana Santini | 7/31/2016
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