6 simple ways to bond with your grandparents


Grandparents are just the bestwise, loving and always there to give warm and cozy hugs. But with such a huge age gap between you and them, it might seem hard to develop a strong relationship. Look no further: We've got six tips for a closer bond with your grandparents.

1. Pick up the phone.

Give your grandparents a call whenever you can. They'll love to hear your voice and learn more about what's going on in your life. Whether it's every week or every other day, show your grandparents they're on your mind with a great conversation.

2. Send a handwritten letter.

Words on paper are authentic and sincere. Your grandparents will appreciate reading your little notes and writing back to you. You could even be pen pals with your grandparents if they live far away. This is an easy and heartfelt way to keep in touch.

3. Plan to see each other.

Arrange a date to spend time with your grandparents. Think about something everybody can enjoy doing. We suggest seeing a movie, grabbing lunch or volunteering for a local organization. Whatever you do, you're sure to have a fun day filled with lots of quality time and beautiful memories you can cherish forever.

4. Look through old photos.

Ask your grandparents to show you old photographs of them and your family from over the years. Admire past pictures as your grandparents reflect on their lives.You'll learn a lot of new things about your grandparents all while growing closer.

5. Listen to their stories.

Show interest in stories from your grandparent’s past. Inquire about what their likes and hobbies were at your age or what school was like for them. You might find their answers more interesting than you originally thought. Plus, it'll mean a lot to your grandparents that you want to know more about their history.

6. Make a cute craft.

Share your love for your grandparents with a DIY gift just for them. A homemade card makes for an easy and sweet gesture or tap into your artsy side with a project like these Popsicle stick picture frames from Eighteen25. Add a picture of yourself to the frame for an extra thoughtful touch. Your grandparents can display the frame in their house and think of you every time they look at it.

What's something special that you do to stay close to your grandparents? Let us know in the comments!


by Megan Holt | 8/5/2016
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