Always being compared to your older sib at school?


If you have an older sister or brother who went to the same school as you, you're probably used to teachers mixing the two of you up. In fact, the words "I'm Sarah, not Stephanie" have come out of your mouth so much, you should really just have it recordedand it's only the first month of school.

While being mistaken for your older sib can sometimes be a compliment (like when they're comparing your gorgeous long locks), it can also get old fast. Particularly when it comes to your performance at school, or on a sports team. If you hear one more person ask "Why can't you be more like Henry?", you're going to scream! Here's how to cope, without going crazy:

Speak your mind. First things first, have a convo with the people who keep comparing you, whether it's your calculus teacher or even your parents. Let them know you understand it's easy to confuse the two of you but that it's really not okay. Doing it accidentally every so often is one thing but doing it multiple times a day, every day needs to stop. Be firm yet gentle—most likely, it's an honest mistake.

Don't beat yourself up. Your older sib was valdedictorian, state champion quarterback and class president. And now everyone expects you to do the same. Having so much pressure put on you is super overwhelming, and unfair. As long as you are doing the best you can and trying your hardest, at school or on the field, you can go to bed happy with yourself. You may not have the 4.0 GPA of your sister but you just won the state art contest and that counts just as much.

Accept the challenge. So people think you should be just like your sib but let's face it, you're not. Now is the time to discover who you really are and step outside of their shadow! Blaze your own path and show everyone that, while you love your big bro or sis, you are your own person and awesome in your own way.

Have you ever been compared to your older sibling? How do you handle it? Let us know in the comments! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 12/6/2018