How to stop being jealous of your sis

Your little sis brings home an A on a test she didn't study for and you bring home a B- on an exam you've been cramming for all week. We get it—comparing yourself to your sibs happens, and it doesn't feel so great. But no need to stress. With these simple tips, you can stop the jealousy and learn to love your sis for who she matter how much better she is at soccer or how she's always the life of the party. 

Be happy for her.
Comparison, they say, is the thief of joy. The more you compare yourself to your sis, the less satisfied you'll be with yourself. Be proud of her for her accomplishments, and take pride in yours, too. When you feel that green monster rearing its ugly head the next time she scores a date with a cutie, stop, take a deep breath and turn the focus onto her. Instead of getting down on yourself, put your energy towards being happy for her. It'll change your outlook.

Celebrate your differences.
It wouldn't be any fun if you and your sis were exactly the same. You both have strengths and weaknesses, but that doesn't mean one of you is better than the other. Celebrate your differences because they're what make you unique. If it helps, make a list of things you love about yourself and things you're good at to look at when you're feeling not so great.

Talk to her about it.
Sit your sis down and let her know how you're feeling. It's common for sisters to get a little jealous of each other, so it's possible she's felt the same way. Tell her what your favorite things about her are, and have her share her favorite things about you. Instead of seeing the bad things in yourselves, help each other focus on your positive qualities.

What are your tips for not being jealous of your sibs? Let us know in the comments! 


by Julia Bonney | 3/20/2019