8 reasons Lorelai Gilmore is *total* #momgoals


Our fave show to binge watch? Gilmore Girls, of course! We *still* can't get over the A Year in the Life ending—we're sitting on the edge of our seats hoping for an announcement of more episodes! In the meantime, we're celebrating our favorite TV mom, Lorelai Gilmore. She's witty, smart, calm, independent and major #momgoals. Not to mention, she knows just about everything when it comes to love, relationships and heartbreak.

She's *totally* relatable. When Lorelai agrees, there are *no* Saturday-morning responsibilities.

She's always trying new things. There's *nothing* cooler than a model-mom, right? 

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She's always proud of Rory, and makes sure to tell *everyone* about it.

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She approaches conflict light-heartedly. A little humor can go a long way, especially on a hard day. 

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No matter what the relationship sitch, she's always got an easy fix. 

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She glady accepts *any* challenge.

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Her love for coffee is uncanny. She truly understands the whole "no coffee, no functioning" thing.


She'll be your best friend, through thick and thin.


What's your favorite Gilmore mother/daughter moment? Let us know in the comments!


by Julia Bonney | 2/22/2018