What your younger sibs *really* want for Christmas


We all love Christmas but for your little sis or bro, it's their favorite day of the whole year. Presents, Santa and the fact that for one day, you *have* to be nice to them? Yeah, they couldn't ask for much more. While you already got them gifts and wrapped them under the tree, there are a few other things you can do to make your younger sibs that much more excited about December 25th (that don't require spending a single cent!).

Track Santa with them.

Kids LOVE following Santa's sleigh to see if he's headed your way. The best website to use on Christmas Eve is NORAD. Each Christmas, NORAD tracks Santa and gives you an up-to-date location of where he is in real time. 

Stay up and wait for Santa with them.

Get comfy, have a glass of hot cocoa and wait for Mr. Claus to pop down your chimney. They will more than likely not stay awake until he makes it to your house, so instead let them know you’ll keep an eye out and wait for him (but go to sleep, of course, because Santa can’t come unless everyone is asleep!).

Wake them up before your parents do.

Get in the total Christmas spirit by doing something they definitely won't see coming. On Christmas morning, wake your brother and sister up before Mom and Dad have the chance to. Who knows, maybe you all can sneak down to the presents early, too.

Play with their presents with them.

No matter what they get as a gift--whether it's Barbie dolls, a new video game, or even a bow and arrow--play with them and be just as excited as they are! Use the afternoon to bond and appreciate the fact that your fam is all together. It means so much to your little sibs that you want to spend your day with them and try out their gifts. 

What do you do with your younger siblings on Christmas? Let us know in the comments! 

by Makaila Nichols | 12/22/2016
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