10 things you can relate to if your parents just don't understand technology

We all know the feeling of frustration we get from trying to explain to Mom and Dad how to use technology. Somehow, they will just *never* understand even the simplest tasks like texting, taking pictures or using social media, so it’s become our job to teach them. If you're getting annoyed by your non-tech savvy parents, well, we all can relate. 

1. They have liked at least one of your crush's Instagram photos because they were trying to zoom in…and it was probably a random selfie from a year ago.

2. You spend hours trying to teach them how to use the internet just for them to ask you again the next day. Seriously, how many times do you have to tell them?!


3. You can never ask them to take a picture on your phone because it always turns out blurry or with their finger in the way. You are better off just taking a selfie.


4. You showed your parents how to use Facebook... now they keep posting embarrassing photos of you. DELETE. DELETE. DELETE.


5. You are sick of reminding them what BRB, LOL and TTYL mean. “No mom, LOL does not mean lots of love”


6. When you Facetime with them and they get “up close and personal” with the camera. But honestly, you're just proud that they figured out how to use it.

7. You are always telling them why they don’t have to leave you voicemails telling you to call them back. We saw you called. So we know to call you back, duh.


8. When it comes to emojis, they're completely lost. :) :) :)


9. They are *so* proud of themselves when they figure something out on their own. It’s about time…


10. But then you realize their text didn't even make any sense. Why must it be so hard!

What embarrassing technology fails have your parents done? Let us know in the comments!

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by Emily Mullin | 1/21/2018