11 signs your brother is *also* your BGF


Brothers, like all siblings, can definitely be a pain but they can also be one of your favorite people. In some cases, your little or big brother can even double as your best friend. Here are 11 signs that you and your bro have a relationship that is totally the bomb. 

1. You act totally insane around one another.
You’re so comfortable around each other you’re not afraid to let your crazy show.

2. He lets you hang out with his friends.
Not a single “No girls allowed!” sign in sight.

3. You have a zillion inside jokes.
You have a pact never to let anyone else on the inside.

4. When you fight, it's over stupid things.
Food, him *never* putting the toilet seat down, the TV remote, etc.

5. When he insults you, you shrug it off.
It comes from a place of love. The same place your comebacks come from.

6. You always agree on what is funny or cool.
You are pretty much the same person.

7. You love the same TV shows.
You constantly binge watch together.

8. You count on his brutal honesty when it comes to clothes.
He won’t beat around the bush if it looks bad. Honestly, he will probably laugh at you.

9. You’re both overprotective of the other.
He doesn’t think anyone is good enough for you and you don’t think anyone is good enough for him.

10. He will do pretty much anything for you.
Sometimes you don’t even have to ask.

11. Other people are jealous of how close you guys are.
You get the “I wish my brother and I were like you guys,” comment *all* the time.

Is your brother your BGF? Sound off in the comments!


by Maddie Smith | 2/8/2018