How to survive Mother's Day when your mom isn't around


Not having your mom on Mother’s Day can be difficult, whether it’s because she passed away or because she's just no longer a part of your life. It’s normal to feel low and sad from missing your mom especially when everyone is celebrating with theirs, but you can make this day special in your *own* way by following our tips below.

Spend time with family.
A mother always wants a happy and united family. Stay close and connected to your siblings and show love to your dad. He probably misses your mom just as much as you do. Your mom has always wanted you and your sibling to be close, so work on that if you haven’t already one so. Take part in an activity that your mom loved and just be happy in the presence of one another.

Celebrate the day.
Although she may not be physically with you, the memories will last forever. Celebrate her life and whatever time you did spend with her. Remember all the good moments you both shared by flipping through scrapbooks, watching home videos or asking someone who knew her (like your dad or aunt) to tell you stories.


Appreciate the things that made your mom happy.
Did your mom love it when you played the piano or drew in your sketchbook? Get back into that! It’s a wonderful way to feel happy and connected to her because you know it’s something you did that brought a smile to her face.

Share your stories of her.
You probably have hundreds of memories and stories of your mom. Pick a few of your favorites and share them with family or friends. Just because she’s not with you doesn’t mean you can’t talk about her. She’s your mom and she’ll always be your mom.

Be happy.
A mom never wants to see her child upset, ever. This time can be hard, so do it for her. Be strong. Remember her in all of the positive ways. Do things that make you happy. Surround yourself with people who allow you to find peace. Find your happiness.

What's your favorite memory of your mom? Share with us in the comments!

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by Shilpa Raj | 5/2/2017