9 #relatable texts you've gotten from your mom

Your mom is basically superwoman but for whatever reason she still can't quite get the hang of texting. Whether her messages are riddled with typos or she uses texting shorthand way out of context, she always finds a way to turn your convos into a comedy show. If your mom is still in the early stages of mastering smartphone communication, we're sure you've gotten a version of these texts before. 

1. When she doesn't understand shorthand.


No mom, "jk" is not a person. It means "just kidding."

2. When she sends you thoughtful advice.


We love you for trying but let's let the kids handle the pop-culture stuff. 

3. The fake emergency text. 


Mom, please don't play with our emotions like that.

4. When they finally learn the texting lingo but use it wrong.  


That's probably what LOL should stand for.

5. When she tries to use the voice message feature...

...and ultimately fails. 

6. When she tries to send you photos. 


Just so happens that iPhone photography is not her strong suit either.  

7. When autocorrect takes your conversation in a completely different direction.


8. When she triple checks up on you.


It's all out of love. 

9. When she sends message in all caps. 


Talk about getting yelled over text and in person. 

Can you relate to any of these texts? Let us know below!


by Karlyn Sykes | 9/8/2018