How to tell your little sister that she's perfect


Having a little sister can sometimes feel like a dream come true or a total nightmare. Maybe you’re enjoying her company or you just might be fighting over your makeup again. Regardless, she does need your guidance, no matter how annoying she can be. Some of the things she’s going through now are probably things you’ve already gone through so your advice means everything. Especially because she definitely isn't listening to your parents. 

Part of the big sis role is protecting her from not only mean girls but the mean girl inside herself. Whether it’s because of social media or other girls' opinions at school, she is probably going to struggle with self esteem like we all do. Here’s how to help your little sister see she’s beautiful.

Tell her your flaws.
Your sister is probably jealous of a bunch of things about your life. You get to wear makeup because you’re older, you get to have more sleepovers and you’re developing more quickly. She sees how beautiful you are and wants to be *just* like you. The problem is, she doesn’t notice your flaws because she adores you. Show her next time you have a break out or that old clothes don’t fit you anymore either. Acknowledging that you have flaws and accept them will help her do the same. 

Teach her to embrace herself.
If you have straight hair and she’s jealous because hers is curly, show her how to maintain it…even if you don’t know how. Going out of your way to secretly watch tutorials on curly hair will make you look like a beauty guru *and* teach her to tame the frizz. It’ll be a step toward her loving her locks.

Ask your friends to help.
If she looks up to you, she probably looks up to your friends too. Ask them to help you explain that perfect is just an idea. After you tell her your own flaws she might think you’re only one person. Get the gang together to talk about their own experience gaining self-confidence. Just be careful not to embarrass her. If she asked you not to tell anyone her worries, keep it between the two of you.

Teach her to laugh it off.
There is some truth behind making fun of yourself before others make fun of you. If she’s heard people talk about her lip hair being dark or her stretch marks showing in a bathing suit, tell her to LOL about it. By laughing it off she’s able to feel okay with this part of herself. She’s also able to shut down meanies before they make her feel bad. 

Tell her privacy is half the battle.
Sometimes girls just want to gossip. They want to find the best material to use against each other. Your sister probably isn’t sure of who her true friends are yet so advise her not to dish on her own dirt. She may feel like it’s a closed circle but if an argument arises, her biggest concerns could be told just to hurt her. Tell her that if she wants to tell somebody, you’re always there to listen and it will never get out.

How do you help your sis to be more confident? Share below! 


by Gabby Regalbuto | 10/10/2018
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