How to be a good sister *and* a good friend

Best friends are awesome. Sometimes you can be so close to your BFFs that they are more like sisters. But when you have actual sisters or brothers, those relationships can get a little sticky. You don’t want to hurt your siblings’ feelings but you also want to spend time with your friends. Here are some tips to help you find a balance between the two.

Try to include your siblings.
If your siblings are way younger or older than you this may be tricky, but if they are little closer in age to you, try inviting them to hang out with you and your friends. There is probably something you, your friends and your sibling all like to do. Find common ground instead of always leaving your sibling out.

Check yourself.
Sometimes it’s good to take a moment to reflect. Have you been hanging out with your friends a lot lately? Have you spent time with your sibling at all this week? Be considerate. Check in with your sib and see how they are feeling.

Choose your sibling.
A sibling is like a best friend built right into your family. They will always be there. It’s okay sometimes to choose hanging out with them over your friends. If a new movie comes out that your sib wants to see, make them feel special by going with them. Tell your friends you’ll catch the next one with them and if they’re true friends, they’ll understand.

Take advantage of quality time.
Usually you see your friends at school all day, so when you get home instead of going straight to your room and texting with your friends, debrief on the day with your sib. Ask them how their day was and how things are going. You’ll probably have funny things to tell each other and confiding in them will help build your bond with them.

Reinforce your relationships.
All of your besties will have to learn to share your time. Let your friends know that they’re special to you and that you hope they understand that your siblings are your besties too. Let your siblings know that no matter how much you hang out with your friends, you love them and always have time for them. No one can ever replace a sibling—that bond is special.

How is your relationship with your siblings?


by Lauren McMillan | 9/3/2017