Your birth month might affect whether or not you get A's

Why does your sis always seem to bring home straight A's (without even trying!) while you're giving it your all and ending up with a C+ in chem? Well, if she was born in September—and you weren't—there might an actual reason for that. 

When you first start school as a kid, the cutoff for each year typically starts on September 1st...meaning that if you're born in September, you're most likely one of the oldest students in your class. And a new study shows that that can lead to higher test scores, a better chance of getting into college and an easier time tackling tough school work.

But don't be so quick to blame your B's on your birth month—there are a *lot* more factors that go into how you perform at school (your home sitch, your genetics, your personality, etc.). If you are one of the younger kids in your grade, though, and are struggling, talk to your parents or guidance counselor about how you can get help. There are tons of tutoring opps and online courses that can help you catch up. Or, maybe one of the September students can help you out. Kidding. Kind of...

What do you think about your birth month affecting school? Share your thoughts below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 9/26/2017
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