How to deal when your sibling is clearly the favorite

In a perfect world, all siblings are created and treated equally. But unfortunately, IRL sometimes parents show a little more attention to one sibling over the other. Parents are humans, too and while they may not meant to make one child feel more special than another, they might click with one child more just like you might be closer with your mom than your dad. Here's our tips for coping if you *aren't* the favorite.

Confide in your sib.
You and your sibs have something in common and that’s your parents. Every once in a while, your parents will get on everyone’s nerves and you’ll get on theirs. It can be fun to have your sibling as an ally in these moments and you’ll realize that even favorite sib irritates your parents, too.

Strengthen your bond.
Instead of fixating on your siblings’ relationship with your parents, focus on yours. Think about what’s great about your bond with your parents. Are there things you can do to make that relationship even better?

Figure out your feelings.
Is your sib really the favorite or is their bond with your parents just different from yours? You and your sibling are different people, unique and special in your own ways. And different people require different types of attention. 

Talk to your parents.
Ultimately, if you’re really feeling down and jealous about your sibling’s relationship with your parents, the best thing to do is say how you feel. Holding in your feelings can lead to resentment towards your siblings and your parents. Tell them how you feel and what things are upsetting you but try not to accuse them of not loving you as much as your sib because this might hurt their feelings. It may be a tough conversation but worth it.

No matter what the situation is, know that your parents love you and want the best for you. They likely would not purposely do anything to make you feel like they love you any less than any one of your sibs. If you want to have a closer relationship with them you can definitely make that happen!

Do you think you’re the favorite or is your sib the favorite?


by Lauren McMillan | 10/7/2017
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