What it's like being the oldest, as told by GIFs

Being the oldest sibling is fun...but it can also get a little eyeroll-worthy. These are the GIFs *every* first-born can relate to. 

1. Your siblings look up to you (well, sometimes).

Your sibs might annoy you a little (or a lot), but they also probably admire you (even if they won't admit it). Sometimes you can tell and feel a little proud.

2. But occasionally it's too much. 

It goes a little too far if they try to copy you or borrow your clothes without asking.

3.  You can be pretty bossy, tbh.

Being the oldest makes you feel powerful, so you often accidentally (or maybe purposely) boss your sibs around. 

4. You are a pro at giving advice.

You're used to telling your sibs the best classes to take and how to survive middle school gym class so you're pretty good at helping people out.

5. You mess with your sibs sometimes but you will always stick up for them.

You tease your sibs because you love them but no one else can.

6. You feel *so* mature.

Compared to your sibs, you're basically an adult. You feel like your parents should consult you more often to get your opinion on things and make decisions.

7. You get frustrated but you still love them.

Ugh, sometimes you can't stop rolling your eyes, but they'll always be your fam and you love them for that.  

Are you the oldest sibling? Which GIF do you relate to most? 

Photo credit: Odyssey Online.

by Paige Sheffield | 11/11/2018