5 fall activities to do with your dad

Fall is one of the most refreshing and fun times of the year, and there's tons to do: football games with friends, picking costumes and baking with Mom, swapping Halloween candy with the sibs. But don't forget to include Dad in all your fall festivities, too. There are tons of perfect opportunities to bond with your pops during fall. (And don't worry, helping him rake leaves is not one of them.)

If he loves to be active...
Maybe your dad runs marathons, or maybe he's more of an observer, following football obsessively. Either way, a nice, brisk fall walk would be a great activity for you two. You can chat, take in the gorgeous fall leaves and even go for a warm cup of hot chocolate after. If you yourself are more of a sporty spice, some touch football in the yard could also be super fun, and you can get your sibs in on the action to play teams.

If he's always cracking jokes...
If your dad is the funny one of the family (or at least, he thinks he is), you should take your pops to watch a funny movie. There's nothing better than cracking up while indulging in buttery popcorn and tons of candy. If there's nothing out in theaters for you and your dad to see, you can plan your own movie day at home. Stock up on DVDs and snacks and you're good to go.

If he is constantly looking for the next adventure...
Maybe he loves to travel or explore, and maybe you aren't super keen to head out with him on his camping trips to nowhere. There's still a middle ground: You and your dad could visit a nearby farm, go apple picking or try making your way through a corn maze. If you're feeling super daring, you could even hit up a haunted house with Dad. He'll make you feel so much safer when that zombie jumps out at you.

If he always has his nose in a book...
Choose a fun, fall book to read toghether. You could either read at the same time or separately and talk about the book over coffee or hot chocolate. You could even plan some themed activities based on what goes on in the novel. It could be the perfect chance to finally get your dad to read your favorite series (I mean, how can he know so little about Harry Potter??).

If he's a master chef...
Maybe you've never tried cooking, but with your dad to help you, you and him could try making some fall recipes that are family traditions (Thanksgiving food, anyone?). Or you can even try a new recipe and start a new tradition. Better yet, make it up as you go along. It'll be fun and hilarious and we bet it'll end up tasting great.

What do you think, GL girls? Would you try one of these activities with your dad? Let us know! 

Photo credit: People.


by Linda Horn | 11/1/2017