How to handle the holidays as an only child

Being an only child has its perks: no siblings to fight with, no one to steal your parents' attention and *all* the presents to yourself. But being sibling-less can also make the holidays a little tough. We break down all the only child probs you can definitely relate to this time of year and how to handle them.

Consider your friends your makeshift family.
So you don't have siblings to bake cookies with, stay up late with on Christmas Eve or build a snowman with. Guess what: You can do all of those things with your friends, too! Use this season as a chance to spend more time with your besties, build deeper relationships and just have some plain old holiday fun.  

Take time for yourself.
Being the center of attention 24/7 can be fun, but it can also be exhausting. And yes, you want to make the holidays special for your parents (after all, you *are* their only child) but it's okay (and necessary) to set boundaries. Schedule alone time where you can recharge and have some peace and quiet. And if you're feeling overwhelmed, just ask Mom and Dad if it's okay to head to your room for a bit to read but then you'll be back to decorate the gingerbread house. It's all about compromise and your parents will understand, trust. 

Find the positives.
It might be lonely without siblings on Christmas morning but for every con, there's always a pro. Focus on those this season to nix any negative Grinch-y feelings. For example, you get to open presents whenever you want to (no waiting for a sib to wake up) and you don't have to share anything you get (aka that new eyeshadow palette is *all* yours). 

Make your own traditions.
A family of three can be a really special thing, especially since being the only child means you get to make a lot of the rules. You may not be able to have all the traditional Christmas memories that your friends with siblings have, but you can make your own, instead. Ask if you can start an annual Christmas Day ornament hunt (like an egg hunt, but inside!) or get up early to make your parents a special breakfast in bed...then join them. The holidays are just as fun as you make them. 

Are you an only child? Tell us what the holidays are like for you! 

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by GL | 11/20/2017