Your guide to spending the holiday with your BF's fam

You and your boyfriend have been dating for a while and he asked you to come to Christmas dinner with his family...for the first time. You've probably met his parents and siblings before but are you ready to meet the whole fam? Here are some tips for how to approach the holidays with your BF's family like a pro. 

Prepare for questioning.
All of your sweetie's aunts, uncles and cousins haven't met you yet and they'll probably want to know all about you. Stay calm and prepare yourself to answer the same questions over and over. It will get annoying but remember they mean well and you only have to get through one night.

Dress to impress.
Pick out your outfit ahead of time. Choose something that shows your personal style, is comfortable for you *and* is appropriate for the event (aka it has to be something his grandma would approve of!). P.S.: If you know you will be on your feet most of the time, dancing and mingling, heels may not be the best option. 

Don't mind the stares.
Chances are you're going to be the center of attention so all eyes will be on you. Don't freak out or feel too much on display. Simply smile if you catch someone's eye and direct the convo back to themselves and away from you if you get uncomfortable. 

Separation is inevitable.
At some point in the night your BF will probably leave you alone...with his yourself. Eek! But don't panic, you got this. Try your best to make conversation, get to know his favorite aunt or maybe help out his mom in the kitchen. It's only scary if you make it that way.

Bring something as a gift.
Arriving with festive flowers for the dining table or a tin full of homemade Christmas cookies makes a great impression. They're small gestures but they'll help start your introduction and your night in a positive way.  

Who will you be spending the holidays with this year? 


by Lauren McMillan | 12/6/2017
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