Create the best Christmas *ever* for your younger sibs

As you grow up, Christmas starts to look a bit different than it did when you were a kid. It's great because you can appreciate the true meaning of the holiday and now help your younger sibs do the same. After all, for them, Christmas is still all about the wonder and magic of the holiday. Here are some ways you can help make Christmas special for your younger sibs and keep the spirit alive.

Bake cookies 
Baking cookies is a fun and easy holiday activity you can do with your sib. If they still believe in Santa, bake cookies on Christmas Eve and let your sib leave them out with a glass of milk for St. Nick to enjoy when he drops off off your gifts that night. Make decorating really fun by providing a ton of sprinkle and icing options for your sib to get creative with.

Deck the halls
Put on some Christmas tunes, gather your sibs and some decorations and decorate the house with them. Help them hang their stockings and wrap the tree in tinsel. They will have a bunch of fun hanging out with you and feel included in the festivities.

Have a sleepover
On Christmas Eve, have a pajama party with your sib. You can stay up late, watch Christmas movies, eat holiday cookies and sneak a peak at the gifts under the tree together (shhh). Bonus points if you buy matching PJs for the whole fam. 

Make a gingerbread house
Gingerbread houses are *so* much fun to build...and even more fun to decorate. You and your sib can make one together or you can make it a competition and crown the best gingerbread house builder.

Write a Christmas list
Sit down together and wite out your Christmas lists. If your sibling is really young, you can even help them adress their letter to Santa and send it off to the North Pole. 

Does your younger sib still believe in Santa? Share below!


by Lauren McMillan | 12/10/2017