9 things only the middle child will understand

Ahhh, life was once so perfect. But then your parents added your little sibling to the mix. As much as you love them, your struggles became real the day they brought him or her home. If this middle child is you, you will def relate to the following:

You are no longer the youngest
Remember when you became the middle child? You were so excited. But you were also scared. "What will happen to me?" You asked. 

You do anything you can to stand out
"Don't worry," your parents say. "We see you down there." 

Your parents' attention is no longer on you
But really, they are focused on your little brother's news skill that you learned years ago. Or maybe they are focused on your older sister's new life achievement. Something you have yet to master.

You are able to get away with more, sometimes
On the plus side, since their attention is elsewhere, you can occasionally get away with more. Let me repeat, *occasionally*. 

You are too big for most things
Your parents have bought new toys and gadgets for your new sibling. But you are too big to play with them. 

You are too little for others
Or even worse, you are too small. "It will be your turn, one day," your parents will tell you. But by then, it will be broken, sold or lost.  

You can never win a sibling fight
When you are the middle child, sibling fights can't be won. You are either too young to understand, or too old for petty arguements. 

You always have to share
Even if they don't share with you, you share with them. "Be nice to your little sister," your mom will say. Or, "Your brother is older than you," your dad chimes in. "Do what he asks."

But you love your siblings, anyway
They cause a lot of headaches, but you love them. You love them a whole lot!


by Alyshia Hull | 2/18/2018
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