Is your family clingy? Here's how to find time to yourself

We all love spending time with our family. They can be some of the *best* and most supportive people in the world—but that doesn't mean you'll want to be around them all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to people that you need space from them, especially your family. Whether it’s because you have a small living space or a family that loves to spend time together, it’s important to have your own time, too. Here's how you can spend time alone...even if you have a clingy family.

Pick a space.
If you don’t have your own room it could be the kitchen, the basement, or maybe even the deck. Find a small area that isn’t constantly occupied in your home. Let your family know that when you’re in that area you’d like to be left alone. Use this place for getting homework done, reading or even to relax for a bit.

Take a walk.
Walks are a great way to help you clear your mind and enjoy nature. Some of us have an “always want to join in” type of family that will be quick to walk with you. Make it known that your walks are for you to clear your mind and that's a solo activity. They should understand the need to be alone.

Get involved at school.
Sometimes it’s just being around the same people for prolonged amounts of time that can have you feeling a little overwhelmed. If you join a sport or club at school you’ll have time away from your family and get to interact with new people. This will give you space away from the fam and make your time spent with them all the more enjoyable.

Make sure to explain to your family that you appreciate their company but you also like to have moments to yourself. If your fam is supportive, they should understand—they probably enjoy solo time themselves!

Are you constantly hanging out with your family? Let us know in the comments!


by India Afriyie | 3/1/2018