5 ways to convince your parents to get you a dog

It's national pet day! We are here for all the adorable pictures and videos of pets flooding social media. Have you been trying to pursuade your parents to get you a dog since you were little, but to no avail? Don't worry, try these five tips to get them moving towards the woofer, right—direction.

Show them you're responsible
Your parents probably refuse to get your dream dog because they don't believe you're responsible, and if you can't handle your own responsibilities, how will you handle a dog's? The last thing they want to do is take care of *your* dog! Show them you can handle a dog by doing things without being asked, like cleaning your room or babysitting your li'l bro.

Clean up the house
Parents *love* coming home to a spotless place. Give them a break one weekend and gather your siblings together to clean up the entire house. Your parents are sure to take notice and be really greatful!

Visit a animal shelter
Tell them you're going to "just take a look." This is where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered cats and dogs go to get shelter and care. These animals are in a cage eager to be taken into a loving home. Just laying eyes on them will have your parents wanting to snatch one up! In the mean time, try volunteering at your local animal shelter to get close with a few puppies.

Dog sit for a weekend
The best way to see if you'll be a good dog parent is by taking care of one! Ask your parents if you can take a friend's dog in for a weekend so they can see with their own eyes how great you are with one and how committed you are about having a dog of your own.

Show them funny dog videos
Let's be honest, who doesn't love dog videos?! They can make you laugh, cry and wish you had one of your own to record them doing tricks too. 

How have you tried to convince your parents to get you a dog? Did it work? Let us know!


by Toyin Akinwande | 4/11/2018