Find the *perf* pet to adopt for National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Millions of animals get sent to animal shelters every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States, waiting for a loving family to take them home... *tears*.

If your family is thinking about getting a pet soon, consider adopting one at a shelter or rescue center! There are a variety of animals you can adopt at your local shelter. Keep reading to find out things you need to know before deciding which pet your family should take home.

Come to an agreement
Deciding what kind of pet you and your family want is the first step. If any family member has allergies (or phobias) to any pets, you should take that into consideration when choosing.

Understand your responsibilities as a pet owner
Not only should you decide what kind of pet your family wants, but also what type of pet they can take care of. Being a pet owner is tough work! Pets require just as much care and attention as humans, and some pets require more attention than others. If no one wants to take a dog for a walk, think about adopting a cat or hamster instead. 

Know your breeds
A pet might be cute, but it's important to know what type of breed they are. Certain breeds may shed often or want to be outside a lot. If you currently own other pets, some breeds may not like them either. Do your research before making a life-long commitment!

Don't rush
Your local shelters may not always have the pet of our dreams. Be patient and wait until they do, or try other nearby shelters. There is an animal out there waiting for your family!

After doing your research and deciding which pet your family is ready to add to the household, you are ready to become a pet owner—YAY!

Did you get a shelter pet? Are you in the process of getting one? What was your experience like? Tell us in the comments!


by Toyin Akinwande | 4/30/2018