5 things to do with your sis before the end of the summer 

The summer is coming to an end and there's still *so* much left to do. Don't fret, though, there's time yet to cross some things off your summer bucket list, and who better than your sister to do your last minute summer activities with?! Here are five things to do with your sister before the end of the summer...

1. Have a '90s Movie Night
There is no better way to spend a rainy summer night watching all your fave '90s chick movies with your sis. Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You and Forrest Gump are *always* crowd pleasers. Pick out a few of your favorite snacks, pile on the comfy blankets and you've got an amaze night ahead.

2. Spend a day at the beach
Did summer break even happen if you didn't spend the day at the beach? I didn't think so. On the last day of summer, pack up your beach bag, throw on your favorite bathing suit and head to the beach (or the nearest thing resembling a beach: lake, dock, pool, etc.). 

3. Go back-to-school shopping
Shopping with your sister can be *so* fun, especially if your sister has a different style than you. Your sister might be able to put together an outfit that you would never think to wear. Plus, your sister makes the perfect consultant while shopping—she'll always tell it like it is.

4. Throw an ice cream party
I scream, you scream , we all scream for ice cream! Cool down at the end of the summer with an ice cream party. Get together with your sister and gather your fave toppings, ice cream flavors, besties and go in.

5. DIY your own locker decor
Getting ready—er, your *locker* ready—for the new school year ahead has never been so fun. With the help of your sister, there is no doubt that your DIY locker decorations will turn out absolutely *perfect*. We heart these easy DIYs.

How you spending the final days of summer? Share in the comments!


by Emily LoSasso | 8/16/2018