5 ways to make Father's Day special—for free

Finding the perfect gift for your bestie is a breeze, but searching for a gift that dad will love? Not so easy. While there are tons of awesome gift ideas out there, finding one that fits your budget is a whole other challenge. If you're looking for free alternatives to pricey tech or cheesy cards, read on!

Go for a run together 
While working out doesn't seem like fun for anyone, going for a quick jog is a great way to spend quality time together. Make and share a playlist of all your dads favorite jams, then lace up your sneakers and take some laps around your local park! After your run, you'll feel healthy and energized and Dad will be happy you invited him along. Bonus points if you challenge him to a race!

Help with household chores
Whether your dad is in charge of cooking, gardening or fixing broken appliances, chances are he usually does those things alone. Take an hour to help him out with washing dishes, handing him tools or pulling out weeds. Even just hanging out with him while he works will show how much you appreciate him. Plus you'll learn invaluable lessons, like how to unclog a toilet or make a perfect baked ziti.

Go bird-watching
Or fishing, or golfing- whatever boring "Dad" thing you usually try to get out of. Volunteer to accompany your dad to the park or golf course and fake it 'til you make it. Listen and ask insightful questions. Your dad will be super excited to share his passion projects with you, and you might find yourself with a new quarantine hobby!

Binge-watch together
Whether you decide to go for a Lord of the Rings marathon or try out a new show like Netflix's Space Force, chilling out and watching TV all day is a great way to bond. Get together all your favorite snacks and coziest blankets, then kick back and press play! A day of relaxing might be exactly what your dad needs after months of working from home. Who knows? Maybe if you sit through a Ken Burns documentary, he'll agree to give Gossip Girl a chance.

Team up with your siblings
If you still want to give your dad a more traditional gift, try getting creative and make something yourself. Enlist your siblings in helping you make your parents a nice dinner or making a digital collage from family pics! No matter how your project ends up, your dad will be touched by your collective effort. Not to mention, you'll be setting a positive example for your brothers and sisters.

by Elise G. Esquibel | 6/19/2020