"How can I convince my parents to let me wear makeup?"

"My parents won't let me wear any makeup. I'm almost 13 and feeling really self-conscious about my face. How can I convince them to let me wear makeup?"

Wearing makeup is a big part of growing up and maturing, and it can be a great way to help express yourself visually! Lots of people wear makeup to show their feelings visually as well as to "fix" features on their faces that they feel self-conscious about. The biggest thing to remember is that your parents definitely aren't trying to punish you or make you feel less confident by having a rule about not wearing makeup—in fact, the opposite is probably true!

They may not understand why wearing makeup is so important to you or what a difference it will make in the way you feel about yourself, and the best way to make them understand is to have an honest conversation with them about it. By opening up to your parents and showing how much you trust them with your insecurities, they will realize that they can trust you with more mature privileges and that you are growing up faster than they think.

If your parents aren't immediately on board with you wearing a full face of makeup, you could try to compromise with them and ease into it. Maybe they don't want you caking on the foundation just yet, but would allow you to go to school with mascara and a little blush! While you can't go behind your parents' backs and defy their rules without consequences, approaching the subject with an open line of communication and flexibility will allow both you and your parents to feel more comfortable with the idea of you wearing makeup.

Most of all, don't feel like you have to rely on makeup to be beautiful! If you want to be able to express yourself with a bold red lip or experiment with a fun eyeshadow look, then you should totally rock it, but know that your naturl look is *even* more stunning. We all have insecurities, but remember that your face is the only one you get—and it is beautiful because it is uniquely yours. Even if you can't wear makeup until you are a little older, show off your natural features with pride because you are perfect just the way you are!


by Lexi Casazza | 9/18/2020