10 struggles of having strict parents

Ever feel like your parents are really strict? Maybe it feels like you aren't allowed to do *anything* if your parents have anything to say about it. Maybe you don't get to stay out as late as your friends, or you aren't allowed to watch a certain television show. Trust me, I know how you feel.

When I was growing up, my parents were strict. It felt like I didn't get to have *any* fun. I wasn't a "wild child" by any means—I was a well-behaved kid and grew into a respectful teenager. But there were still so many times when I just wanted to have fun. Feel like you can totally relate? Here are 10 struggles of having strict parents. 

1. You have an early curfew 

2. When you're hanging out with friends, you have to check in regularly with your parents to make sure you're not breaking the law 

3. Even *trying* to go to parties is so off-limits 

4. Sleepovers are, like, completely off the table  

5. If you don't answer your phone ASAP, your parents think something is wrong and it's treated like an emergency situation 

6. You're not even allowed to watch certain movies or TV shows, and some music is out of the question. 

7. So when your friends are talking about those things, you legitimately don't know what they're talking about and can't keep up 

8. Out of all the parents in your friend group, your parents are the most strict and it's *so* embarrassing 

9. You're jealous of kids with laid-back parents because it feels like they get to have all the fun 

10. But while it's annoying that your parents are so strict, you know it's just because they love and care about you! 


by Katherine Brown | 10/30/2020