5 cute ways to celebrate Mother's Day this year

Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to give back to the women who have supported us since the beginning. Moms are the best—whether they're driving us to the mall or asking about our day at school—they're *always* there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.  Do you want to show your mom or grandma how much you appreciate them this Mother's Day? If so, check out these 5 adorable ways to celebrate the woman who was your OG best friend.

1. Make her a cupcake flower bouquet 

Image: @rosannapansino

What's better than a bouquet of flowers? A cupcake display that *looks* like flowers, of course. Bake yourmMom's favorite cupcake flavor and decorate them to look just like delicate roses. She'll love the creativity *and* the delicious cupcakes. Find the tutorial here!

2. Take a girls trip

Since Mother's Day falls on a weekend this year, you can celebrate your mom by going on a fun weekend getaway. Whether you travel to a place on your bucket list or you just take a day trip to the next town over, make your mom feel special with a weekend of memory-making. Bonus tip: make a mother-daughter playlist with all of your favorite songs from the trip so you can reminisce on all of the fun times you had.


3. Write her a letter or poem

Image: @rupikaur_

When life gets busy, it is easy to forget to remind our loved ones how much they mean to us. Write your mom a letter or poem to tell her *all* the things you love and appreciate about her. Even if you don't think you're a great writer, your mom will cherish this gift forever.

4. Make her the *perfect* gift basket 


Want to tailor your mom's gift to her personality? Make a basket filled with all of her favorite snacks, books and other goodies that you think she'll enjoy. For an extra creative idea, make her a personalized "coupon book" that she can redeem for help with chores, breakfast in bed or a foot massage. We also *love* this Starbucks gift basket you can order right to your house. Find it here. 

5. Look through baby photos together

Going through old photos or videos of you as a baby or even your mom's childhood will take you and your mom on a trip down memory lane. Your mom has *tons* of stories to share about all the antics you got into as a toddler and her own childhood might reveal things you didn't even know you had in common. 


Going through pictures and videos from your childhood is a sure-fire way to take you and your mom on a trip down memory lane. Your mom probably has tons of stories about all of the antics you got into as a toddler, and who knows, you might learn something new about her childhood during the process, too.

Happy Mother's Day!

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by Abigail Adams | 5/8/2022